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Manches longues Jerzees Basiques

chez Needen Canada

Comfortable and Functional

Jerzees apparel is designed to be functional and comfortable. Their designs are for business casual and casual apparel, as well as basic sportswear like golf. Their blended fabrics are comfortable and functional as base or top layer pieces. Jerzees creates hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts, collared work and sport shirts, t-shirts, pants, cardigan and zip-up sweaters for men, women and children. Their wide variety of cuts and colors gives this apparel more versatility.

Work and Play

Jerzees apparel is versatile within the business casual workplace, gym and home. Collared shirts are suitable for the office or the gym. Each shirt is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can mix and match them as you need. Their wide variety of sweater designs allows you to stay warm and look great throughout your entire day. Place a polo shirt with a round collared sweater overtop for a sophisticated business casual style.

Wholesale Clothing

Jerzees is available at wholesale quantities and prices with Needen. You can purchase wonderful cotton attire for your entire family, groups or event. Needen “Buy More, Save More” policy ensures you have the best price available on the best products.

Jerzees comes in a variety of colors and sizes and they are all blank to allow for local printing. You can purchase shirts, sweaters, pants and hoodies for men, women and children. Each shirt is made with the best choice of new and innovative blended fabrics. Jerzees company policy ensures the choice of the best blended fabric for each piece, for long-term durability and comfort.